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This week I did a most interesting case. It was interesting because it was a joint effort. There were 3 senior Consultant surgeons, each from a different speciality, each with different training and each with an assistant – so six surgeons in all! And all for one man who had a tumour behind his sinuses,…  read more

Pain on the Plane – a new solution?

Ear and nose specialists call this “barotrauma”. This is the severe pain that can be experienced in a plane on ascent and descent. It is because of external atmospheric pressure changes – or more correctly, the inability to adapt to these changes. The middle ear and nasal / facial sinuses are small cavities housed within…  read more

What is Otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology, believe it or not is actually an abbreviated word for otorhinolaryngology, which is often simply stated as “ENT.” The term otorhinolaryngology was derived from the Greek words for ear, nose and throat, thus ENT surgeon. An ENT surgeon treats all conditions effecting the ears, nose and throat or what is referred to as head…  read more

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