Treatment for Glue Ear

Glue ear is a condition affecting a patient’s middle ear, most often seen in young children rather than fully grown adults. It occurs when the middle ear becomes filled with a thick glue-like fluid, causing a blockage. This results in poor hearing. Generally, glue ear tends to subside after a period of time. However, there have been cases where the condition persists for an extended period. The cause of glue ear is still being studied but so far, it has been attributed to the improper functioning of the Eustachian tube. A narrow or blocked Eustachian tube can upset the balance between fluid and air in the middle ear. The air in the middle ear eventually moves into the neighboring cells, if it isn’t replaced with more air from the Eustachian tube. This results in the creation of a vacuum in the middle ear and leads to fluid accumulation.

How to Treat Glue Ear

Treatment for glue ear is usually suggested after a period of observation to see if the condition clears up on its own. If the condition persists, the following treatments may be suggested:

  • Balloon treatment or auto-inflation: This treatment involves using a special type of balloon to blow up air through the nose, into the Eustachian tube. The objective is to create pressure in the nose and force-open the Eustachian tube, which will eventually help with fluid drainage. The process must be repeated by the patient until the fluid is completely drained.
  • Surgery: Surgery is advised only when the glue-ear condition is persistent and severe. The procedure involves making a small incision in the ear drum to drain out the fluid. After which, a ventilation tube is inserted through the ear drum to send in air into the middle ear. The ventilation tube usually falls out on its own, once the ear drum heals and develops. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and has a high success rate. The surgery may have to be repeated if the condition recurs.
  • Hearing aids: Hearing aids do not actually treat the glue-ear condition. Instead, they are meant for the hearing loss that occurs as a result of the glue-ear condition.

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