Understanding Tinnitus – Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2015
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Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping or whistling in the ears that can be intermittent or continuous and can vary in loudness. When it’s quiet or when background noise is low, tinnitus can become more noticeable, perhaps while you’re trying to fall asleep at night, for example. Tinnitus is a common problem that usually isn’t a sign of something serious. It can affect people of all ages but is most common in adults.

There are two types of tinnitus:

  • Subjective tinnitus is heard only by the patient. Sometimes referred to as “phantom noise,” this is the most common type of tinnitus and often results from hearing loss.
  • Objective tinnitus (also called “pseudo-tinnitus” or “vibratory” tinnitus) is tinnitus your doctor can detect using a stethoscope. Objective tinnitus is rare and may be caused by a blood vessel problem, an inner ear bone condition, muscle contractions or noise by structures close to the ear.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Diagnosis: To help identify if you have tinnitus, your doctor will ask you about the types and severity of noises you hear, as well as examine the outside and inside of your ear to check for earwax build-up or an ear infection. A simple hearing test and blood test may also be administered to look for issues that are sometimes tied to tinnitus like anemia, diabetes, or thyroid concerns. On rare occasions, your doctor may order a CT scan or MRI scan, which allow for a more thorough examination of your ear to detect any deformities.
  • Treatment: Tinnitus can be treated depending on the underlying medical issues causing the condition. Excess earwax may be removed, abnormalities in blood vessels may be corrected, and medications may be altered if they are deemed a contributing factor to tinnitus. Machines that suppress noise can also help alleviate tinnitus by masking the ringing in your ears. In addition, your doctor will likely advise you to avoid exposure to loud noises which can worsen the symptoms of tinnitus.

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