A decision to undertake a Rhinoplasty is not one to be taken lightly. It is a complex procedure which should only be provided by those who specialize in this area, who are expert at it and who have a flair for it, with many years experience. Since a Rhinoplasty is carried out to improve life-quality, rather than save life – it is an operation that requires careful consideration.

Mr. Marais has over 20 years of Rhinoplasty experience and carries out over a hundred cases every year. Some of these are amongst the most complex reconstructive cases around, who have previous trauma, surgery, breathing problems, sinus infections, allergy etc. Many have been referred by other ENT and Plastic Surgeons for his expert management. He also deals with many pure cosmetic cases, since as a Rhinologist (a surgeon who deals purely with all forms of nasal conditions and abnormalities), he is ideally trained and equipped to deal with cosmetic concerns of the nose.

There are many different variations in Rhinoplasty surgery and after both an internal nasal and external nasal examination, Mr. Marais will be able to guide you through the process and help you understand the anatomic issues that need addressing and how to deal with these in a helpful, understanding way.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Broadly, Rhinoplasty is divided into two types: Internal and External. Each of these have specific indications, but essentially internal techniques are used for most simple cases, whilst more complex cases need to be done by the external technique.

  1. Internal technique:
    • Incisions are all internal.
    • Limited internal access –meaning more complex anatomic abnormalities (eg nasal tip) are not easily or reliably dealt with.
    • Suitable for many straight-forward cosmetic cases.
    • Healing time, bruising etc similar to External technique.
  2. External technique:
    • Small (3-4mm) incision across columella (skin separating the nostrils).
    • Heals extremely well – often invisible by 4 weeks.
    • Provides surgeon with much greater access to problem areas of anatomy in the nose.
    • Provides ability to deal with all complex, major anatomic abnormalities of both the nasal pyramids and the septum.

Using one of these two approaches a Rhinologist/Nasal plastic Surgeon can produce a number of very significant changes:

  1. Reduction Rhinoplasty: eg reduce a large nasal hump or irregularity.
  2. Augmentation Rhinoplasty: eg build up a saddle deformity (sunken area above tip)
  3. Septoplasty: eg: Correct a deviation in the nose’s central cartilage to improve breathing.
  4. Scoliosis correction: eg: straighten a bent nose.
  5. Tip Rhinoplasty eg: improve an asymmetric, bulbous or boxy nasal tip. Perhaps also to lift or lower the nasal tip position.

Before and After Pictures

Case 1:


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Case 8:


By making an appointment to see Mr. Marais, you will be providing yourself with an opportunity to understand everything that is involved in a relaxed, no-stress situation. He with carry out pre-op photography and the before-and-after prints are yours to keep.

Mr Marais will not charge you for your initial consultation, if you proceed with the Rhinoplasty, in order to try and reduce your costs.

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