Septoplasty: Risks and Recovery

Septoplasty is a procedure that is carried out to fix the issue of a deviated septum, which is a wall made up of cartilage bone. This septum or wall is what divides the nose into two individual nostrils. A deviated septum arises when the septum becomes displaced from its original position. This leads to one nostril becoming significantly smaller than the other, ultimately causing discomfort and difficulty in breathing.  Septoplasty helps fix the displacement and makes it easier for the affected person to breathe.

septoplastyRecovery period and associated risks

  • The risks:Risk, though rare, do occur as part of the Septoplasty procedure. One of the common risks is that the Septoplasty can recur, resulting in the need for a repeat procedure to be carried out. Other risks include scarring, bleeding, reduced sense of smell, changes in the shape of the nose, discoloration, and perforation of the septum.  However, some of the risks can be avoided by following simple measures such as practicing good overall hygiene, especially around the nasal area.
  • Recovery: The procedure is a simple one and is carried out as an out-patient operation. The patient isn’t required to stay in the hospital and can return home after the surgery. However, the patient must wait till the anesthesia wears off.  The operated area will experience swelling and pain after the surgery, followed by some bleeding, which is stopped with the use of a cotton packing. The cotton packing is usually removed two days later.

The swelling can be reduced by minimizing engagement in physical activity for a few weeks, post-procedure. This will speed up the healing process.

As for the pain, the doctor/surgeon will prescribe painkillers.  Though, healing of wounds, after the procedure, occur at a rapid rate, overall healing takes a long time. This is because the cartilage and tissues take almost a year to adapt to their changed shape. Breathing improves gradually as the area starts to heal.

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