Sinusitis – Diagnosis and Treatment

Sinuses are hollow spaces on the face that are connected to the nasal cavity. When the sinuses in the proximity of the nasal cavity suffer an inflammation, it leads to a condition called as sinusitis. There can be many causes that lead to an inflammation, whether it is bacteria, virus, or an allergic reaction. Sinusitis symptoms include pressure or pain in the face, nasal discharge and congestion, to name a few.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis of sinusitis is done by a doctor after close examination of the face and the nasal structure of the patient. In case the sinusitis symptoms persist even with treatment, the doctor may recommend the patient to get a CT scan done, to gauge the severity of the condition, alongside the location of the infection. This is usually done in cases of patients with chronic sinusitis conditions. If the condition keeps recurring the doctor may ask you to undergo an allergic testing to evaluate if it is being caused due to allergens.
  • Treatment: Sinusitis is usually treated by means of oral medications, nasal sprays or decongestants. However, in case the obstructed passages are not cleared out by these methods, the doctor may suggest a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Chronic sinusitis conditions are usually treated through a FESS procedure, and it can improve the symptoms by up to 90 percent in most patients. The minimally invasive procedure takes under half an hour. The patient  may be administered local or general anesthesia prior to the surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon uses an endoscope to get an enlarged view of the sinus openings. The surgeon uses small to open the sinus ostia and air cells, and thereby clear out the blockages. This helps restore their functionality, allowing the mucus to be drained out.

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