Treating Snoring – Don't Sleep Through this Problem!

  • Posted on: May 29 2015
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Snoring is a common problem among both male and female adults. Though occasional snoring may not indicate any major health problems, constant and repetitive snoring can indicate otherwise. Snoring can be recognized by a harsh or unpleasant sound which is emitted by an individual during sleep.

Snoring occurs when the tissue in your airways start to vibrate while breathing. This vibration leads to the creation of the typical, hoarse snoring sound. The vibration itself is a result of your airways becoming narrow or due to an obstruction being present. The key to curing the problem of snoring lies in identifying the specific cause.

Causes of Snoring

There are many factors that can cause a person to snore. Some of these causes include:

  • Weight and other bodily changes. Snoring tends to be quite common among overweight or obese people. It is believed that the excess tissue in an overweight person’s neck tends to exert excess pressure on the airways, which ultimately leads to snoring. Tissue swelling during pregnancy has also been known to induce snoring. Other conditions such as nasal polyps, cold allergies and deformed nasal septum can also lead to snoring.
  • Changes in oral biology. Swelling can occur in the throat or mouth due to various reasons, which can also lead to snoring. For instance, swelling of the uvula is noted to be a common factor that causes snoring. Other conditions of the oral biology that cause snoring include adenoids, swollen tonsils, poor muscle tone and more.
  • Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder generally common among overweight people. The complications of being overweight leads to sleep apnea, which in turn causes snoring as a symptom.

Before treating your snoring problem, it would be considered wise to talk to your doctor and identify the underlying cause.

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