I have suffered severe rhinitis as long as I can remember. My symptoms have been no sense of smell, little sense of taste, constant dull headaches over the front of my head, breathing problems, sneezing and continuous sinus infections.

Over the years I have had polyps removed three times. However, they would always reoccur, usually within five years of previous surgery.

This time the surgery was to be more extensive to reach the upper sinus areas. From the onset, Mr. Marais was able to explain every step of the procedure in simple terms, putting me at ease from day one, although at this stage I was willing to try anything. The surgery all went very well with the recovery fairly rapid considering the complexity of the procedure.

The headache soon disappeared; also I have a degree of smell and taste back, which I have not had in over 25 years! My breathing has improved and I generally feel so much better. I still religiously take the sprays, tablets and regularly flushed my nose to minimize the possibility of recurring polyps.

I would like to thank Mr. Marais for his caring approach, knowledge and excellent work.

– Howard Fox

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