Dear Mr. Marais, Further to my recent endoscopic sinus surgery, I would like to express my gratitude to you. Before the surgery I was unsure how successful it would be, but now 8 weeks on I am so glad that I went through with it. The constant headache, tiredness and congested feeling that I was…  read more


When I presented myself to the hospital for the operation which you recommended I felt as though I was checking into a hotel and the staff could not have been more helpful. I was very nervous at the thought of having an operation for the first time in 50 years. Once checked in, I did…  read more


Hello Mr. Marais, this is Kesh. I hope you are well. I was meaning to write this testimonial a while back, but have busy with work. My son had severe difficulty in breathing whilst asleep from birth and it mad him very irritable an lethargic and affected his development. After about 2 years of misdiagnoses…  read more


I just wanted to say what excellent service I have experienced from Mr. Marais in relation to my nose operation that was performed earlier this year. I was completely reassured by the clear and concise explanation of both the operation procedure and the after effects, so that I was fully aware of what to expect…  read more


I would like to thank Mr. Marais for his excellent work on my nose. I was made to feel at ease and any worries I may have had were forgotten about, thanks to his bedside manner. – Matthew Bell


From the moment it was decided that Jack would need an operation to remove both his tonsils and adenoids the worry began. No matter how much we were reassured that Jack would be okay, it did not stop. His dad and I were worrying ourselves sick, that he would come through the operation okay… To…  read more


Results of previous nose surgery, done elsewhere some years ago, had made me very anxious about further corrective rhinoplasty surgery. I first consulted Mr. Marais for another reason; I needed nasal polyps removing. The high standard of care I received for this problem encouraged me to ask Mr. Marais to do the corrective rhinoplasty surgery…  read more


I have undergone surgery twice on my nose. Once to remove polyps in 1999, and I was fearful of further surgery as the previous operation was unpleasant, and I felt it did not work. However, the surgery Mr. Marais undertook was less traumatic and worked wonders. Thank you again for a new lease of life….  read more

G.D & S.D

Dear Mr. Marais, We would like to personally thank you for all your efforts in supporting Jessica and her ear problem. We are exceptionally pleased that she will continue as a normal little girl. Our appreciation and gratitude are untold, so thank you very much for looking after our little girl. – Gary and Sam…  read more


I have suffered severe rhinitis as long as I can remember. My symptoms have been no sense of smell, little sense of taste, constant dull headaches over the front of my head, breathing problems, sneezing and continuous sinus infections. Over the years I have had polyps removed three times. However, they would always reoccur, usually…  read more

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