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This website is intended to provide you with the information that you may find helpful in guiding you through the process of having your ENT problem dealt with and assisting you in understanding your problem. It is my belief that well informed patients who understand their conditions and treatments fare better than those who don’t. I have tried to provide salient information, presented in a user-friendly and understandable manner. This may give you insight into your own condition and help you understand the treatments involved.

Private Practice Consultants in the UK have been put under great pressure recently by some unscrupulous insurance companies and patients have frequently been misinformed by them. Please note, I do generally charge within insurance companies maxima but BUPA patients, in particular, should read the FIPO Advice for Patients” in the “Patient Information” section of this website. By its nature, the website cannot be exhaustive in its content, but additional links are provided for more in-detail reading, where appropriate.

I do hope you find the site interesting, informative and useful. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your problem.

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